Dementia Care at Home
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Fall Prevention Sensor Mat.

Affordable technology that makes an important contribution to the care of an elderly person at home.
This Fall Prevention Pressure Mat is ideal for preventing fall accidents. Preventing fall accidents is the prime concerns of any carer at home.

The Sensor Mat Mat-On-Guard Care@Home-IP300 is a complete and thorough patient care and falls prevention solution and it gives peace of mind, day and night, as you will be alerted at any sign of fall risk or wandering.

Care@Home-IP300 complete with Electronic Mat, Grip Mat, TWO Receivers, (Portable and Plug-in).

Features and Specification

Electronic Sensor Mat (72 x 39 cm) and only 3mm thin (Large mat reduces chance of overstepping)
Hygienic, antibacterial, easy-clean finish
• Includes Grip Mat to prevent mat slippage on hard floors and ‘creeping’ on carpets
• Transmitter range up to 150 metres (12V Battery included) Plus SPARE Battery
(There is an Upgrade Pack for the Transmitter to operate with Mains Power. Model: IP-PAC)
• Portable Receiver with 32 chime selections and WITH Volume Control ( 2 x AA Batteries included)
• Plug-in Receiver Mains Operated (240V) with 32 chime selections and WITH Volume Control
• Optionally, up to four mats can be joined together to cover a larger area. 
Optionally, additional Chime Receivers can be ordered (See Product Accessories)
• Indoor use only
• Excellent product support from responsive and knowledgeable staff
• 14-Day Money Back Guarantee and One year warranty

The Care@Home-IP300 includes the Grip Mat but don't forget to order a Cover Mat

 Includes Grip Mat  Optional Cover Mats in Accessories   MANUAL: CAR@HOME IP-300S