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This is an excellent product. Bought for my step mum who has dementia she was getting out of bed at night without alerting my Dad. The alarm wakes him and he can assist her to the toilet and settle ...


Arrived promptly and worked straight out of the box.was a bit unsure if would work through the thick walls but have no problems and working well

Nicola Harvey - Norfolk

I purchased an expensive item for my elderly mother.  They provide good quality products, with a speedy service and response.  I had a small issue with a product, which was promptly ...

Paul Weston

Very useful product for my elderly father.

Alison Jeffrey - Merseyside

Very useful product for my elderly father. He has a live in carer who is easily notified if my Dad attempts to get out of bed but forgets to call for help , as he is unable to stand and walk without ...

Mr W E Killick - Kent

Arrived on 18th well before expected which is a big bonus for us. Excellent service.

Mrs Caroline Rand - Norfolk

Good all round I use as an alarm for my shop door working fine so far......

Rob Vander - Devon

We have someone who is blind and on a very few occasions does slip off the bed, this floor mat is great as it will contact the awake staff that he is on the floor.

Alexandra Ortiz - Oxon

Thanks a lot for allowing us to test your excellent products, and we will not hesitate to recommend your solution. It does what it says, and does it well !!!

Franck Scipion, www.55thinking.com

Shop Visitor Announciator

The Mat-On-Guard Shop Visitor Annunciators for shops or offices.

Visitor Announciator

You are always assured you will never leave a customer unattended because you didn't know they had entered your shop or office. The electronic sensor mat is placed under your shop door entrance floor mat and a choice of several types of receiver units, portable battery operated or Plug-in Mains operated, you are always notified when a customer has entered your shop.

A small transmitter is attached to the pressure mat which sends a radio signal to the receivers in your shop. When the mat is activated you will hear a "ding-dong" chime (or a different chime from 32 selectable chimes). The chime is not continuous. It will chime once for each mat activation. Depending the Mat-On-Guard model you have purchased you may also control the volume of the chime.Visitor Announciator

For larger areas, multiple mats can be joined together, side by side to work as one larger mat.

There is also a selection of four colours of suitable carpeted pressure mat covers. These can be used if you don't already have a floor mat to cover the pressure mat. A cover mat or any other type of floor mat should be used over the electronic pressure mat. Suitable cover mats in the correct sizes are available in the Product Accessories section on our website. 


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Shop Visitor Announciator


Visitor Announciator for Shop or Officer (with DUAL Receivers) (With Volume Control)

Sales price: £139.20
Without VAT: £116.00

Product details


Wireless visitor announciator (with Plugin receiver) (With Volume Control)

Sales price: £124.80
Without VAT: £104.00

Product details


Visitor Announciator for Shop or Office (Portable Receiver) (With Volume Control)

Sales price: £118.80
Without VAT: £99.00

Product details


Essential products and solutions have been our passion at Power Options Ltd since 1996. Wireless Pressure Mat products for the care of people with Dementia at Home or in a Nursing Home. Wireless Pressure Mat products for Shops or Offices when you need to be notified when a Customer has entered your premises.


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As a Service driven Company we strive to provide our Customers with the best service and support they would expect when they purchase our products. Our Customer Services staff are always ready to help with any questions you may have regarding a solution you are seeking or a technical question you may have with one of our products.
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